Welcome to Seahorse. The diving lamp manufactory!

I (Max) am a private citizen, 30 years active in active diving, (Instructor / Dive Instructor about 15000 dives, about 1000 students trained) live for 25 years in Asia organized dive trips to Thailand / Indonesia / Philippines.

Make underwater lamps / lights / headlights etc. for about 10 years.

If you are looking for beautiful designer lamps, this is wrong ... !! Here's stable, sturdy, good quality, lamps without frills, without unnecessary vulnerable electronics, made by a diver for divers !!

I attach great importance to small dimensions, low weight and simple operation, optimized for traveling. Small are only the mass of the lamp, the light output is really gigantic.

My lamps are optimized for shooting / video shooting / photography (wide beam with very strong light output) can of course also be used as a hand lamp.

The Big Difference ....... Competitors write that your lamps make about 2000 and more lumens, I do not doubt that either, only most of them are spotlights! Here, the resulting light is focused by a reflector or lens and only the small center of the cone of light is really bright, the rest is poorly lit, illuminated / dark. In the case of a photo or video you can see that very strongly, it does not give much pleasure, colors, the pictures become bad.

Small, Silver, Insignificant and Powerful Underrated !!

I do not want to offend any underwater photo-video-graves / night or cave divers, etc ... or complain about a diving brand company, but !!! Which diver needs an underwater lighting that costs several hundred or even a thousand euros or more ... .. ???

* Because, for example, the German scuba diver Statistically analyzed on average makes 28 dives a year. 

* On the dive centers where I am working, diving equipment is also lost weekly due to carelessness and often the expensive lamps. 

* Battery replacement (branded) often costs more than a new Seahorse lamp.

* You can change the battery of Seahorse lamps yourself, very easy, without tools. 

* All Seahorse lamps are made of aluminum.

* The inside of the lamp is to be taken out in the simplest way !!!! Why ?? For what ?? How so ?? >> As the safety regulations at the airports have been drastically tightened, this is necessary because the batteries can be disconnected from the burner and have to be transported separately !!

* The Seahorse system: Whether you use a compact camera or system camera or an Actioncam everything fits the lamp arm / lamp track / lamp handle!

* The lamp handle can be easily removed.

* 0-rings can be replaced / changed without any problems.

* The lithium ion batteries / rechargeable batteries usually hold about 500 charge periods, so that the above-mentioned recreational diver can make 500 dives with the lamp (about 17 years). 

* Film and television from Germany uses Seahorse lighting. 

* The lamps are also represented in the magazine "Diving". 

* The price-performance ratio is unbeaten. In short, one Underwater lamp of the extra class, the "super price".


Contact / Email >>>>>    Tauchlampe007@Gmail.com     <<<<<

Inquiry and / or orders by email.

Model> Seahorse Prime <Technical data, delivery and price for a dive light 69 Euro incl. Shipping.

Model> Seahorse Prime <Technical data, delivery and price for two dive lights 135 Euro incl. Shipping.

Model> Seahorse Prime <Technical data, delivery and price for three dive lights 195 euros including shipping.

Model> Seahorse Prime <Technical data, delivery and price for four dive lights 252 Euro incl. Shipping.

Model> Seahorse Prime <Technical data, scope of delivery and price for five dive lights 305 Euro incl. Shipping.

Material: aluminum

8th 0 meters tested

Burning time approx. 90 minutes. (Lithium ion brand battery / battery 2900 milliamps, not included.)

20 Watt LED high performance burner. (equivalent to about 90 watts of halogen / 1800 lumens of 6500 Kelvin.)

Magnetic switch rotary switch

Illumination angle about 150 degrees! Wide beam Your whole picture or video is fully illuminated.

Weight of the lamp about 500 grams

Diameter about 6/8 cm / length about 11 cm

Color: silver / anthracite or silver / blue

Fixing securing screws

Front and back, screwed, O-ring sealed

operation manual

Optional accessories Batteries / Chargers / Lampholders / Goosenecks  

The commercially available lithium-ion batteries / chargers and chargers, anyone can easily grow himself, maybe for a better price than I can offer this. I do not want to take advantage of anyone. The lithium-ion batteries / rechargeable batteries / 18650 / 3.6-3.7 volts, can be purchased on the Internet, for example (eBay) (Amazon) (Conrad) or in stores, with different Amper strength. The rule: The higher the Amperzahl the longer the burning time. (My Emphelung: Samsung or Panasonic 2600 - 3500 milliamper) You can use lithium-ion Use batteries with increased plus pole >>> A or also batteries with low plus pole >>> B.

Of course you can also buy batteries / rechargeable batteries / about me,

Batteries / rechargeable batteries the piece 6,50 Euro. (Shipping costs 4 Euro, with the purchase of lamp there are no shipping costs.)

************************************************** ************************************************** *********************

The charger

Of course you can also order chargers from me, The charger 11 euros. (Shipping costs 4 Euro, with the purchase of lamp there are no shipping costs.)

* The batteries / rechargeable batteries (all four standard batteries / rechargeable batteries,) are charged individually in the charger, this has several advantages over a battery pack to load .... !!

* Gentle same charge for all batteries! (In case of block charge, the weakest battery is never fully charged and thus the whole thing loses power over time.

* With the charger almost all types of lithium-ion batteries can be charged.

* As long as 4 batteries are used, additional batteries can be charged.

* All 4 rechargeable batteries are individually monitored by LED display, so a possibly defective battery can be unmasked immediately and given Fals easy to be traded. (In case of a block battery, the whole block has to be removed, the individual cells have to be separated / emptied, all cells must measure the defective cell and put everything back together. This requires a lot of time / knowledge / skills and the equipment to do so ... ..)

************************************************** ************************************************** ********************

The aluminum camera rail about 32 cm long / 2 cm wide / 7 holes> 6.5 mm / camera mounting screw, 10Euro. (Shipping costs 4 Euro, with the purchase of lamp there are no shipping costs.)

************************************************** **************************

The gooseneck, impact-resistant plastic, 8 links, with embedded stainless steel thread glands, top and bottom, total length about 25 cm, 20 euros (Shipping costs 4 Euro, with the purchase of lamp there are no shipping costs.)

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----

Special offer Three Seahorse Prime lamps plus 6x2 Chargers 166 Euro incl. Shipping !!!

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------

There are countless monthly options to mount the lamp on cameras. Here are some examples .......


Yes of course I guarantee   !! I make the lamps with great care and alone, all lamps are tested for leaks (pressure chamber and / or sea) as well as the electronics. It is almost impossible for you to get a broken lamp.   Nevertheless, I am not 100% perfect, so the guarantee. On batteries / rechargeable batteries / chargers, no guarantee I do not make this myself. I am always ready to help, to provide suport, to give tips.  

In addition: Special requests / custom-made / spare parts / conversion of their old diving lamps on Led .....

At parcel stations can not !!!! to be delivered !!!!

It is possible that the images have small deviations as each lamp is made by hand.

INFO, when I look at the Internet so I look at the lamps of competitors, especially the features, there are lamps with lumens power of over 10,000 lumens offered, with two to four batteries, people believe me is not, in the future maybe. ... !! ?? Also, I find there batteries with 5000 or more milliamps, which is very very unrealistic .......

Payable by bank transfer to German account.

Shipping is from Germany with Hermes or DHL 2-4 days delivery time after receipt of payment.

The underwater housings / cameras are not included in the offers !!

My palette is constantly expanding and improving, or fancy a great diving holiday in Asia Thailand / Indonesia   short inquiries .....

Questions / Orders all about Email please, you will get an immediate answer

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